Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bucky Bucks!

I currently have 4 bucks that can do their job.  They are pretty good boys for the most part.   They are not aggressive and love attention.  At night all we have to do is stand by their pen and they all go in and settle down for the night.  No chasing or trying to coral them, like we do with the does sometimes. 

Today I went out and was cleaning out their water bucket, when little Hickory, our lightest buck, jumped up on me.  I scratched his ears and patted his chin, and that is when I felt something very warm on my leg.  Looking down I realized he was squirting me and very pleased with himself.   Let's just say I didn't share his enthusiasm. 

Bucks.  Why must they be so Bucky?!

The Buck Pen.   They all get along great, but enjoy butting heads as they establish whose boss.  Hickory is the light one there.  He is the smallest in the pen, but determined to challenge the bigger guys every chance he gets.  Haha.

Brownie is a new addition to our yard.  I bought him for his spots and blue eyes and because his momma and some really nice udders.  He was so timid when he first arrived but is taming up really nice.
Cowboy is the father to all the kids this year.  He is so nicely mannered. 

This is Hickory.  He looks white in this picture, but in person he does have a tan hint.
Frost is a baby from last year.  He has one half horn, from a debudding that wasn't done soon enough.

Hi Frost!

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