Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter is Awesome!

Daisy and Gossip arrived one day before Easter.  That made for some pretty fun Easter pictures!    My girls are getting plenty of playtime in with their new pets.  The goats are very friendly and eager to be with us.  It nearly breaks my heart each time I  leave their pen because they bleat and protest being left behind.  If they could, they would be house goats I'm sure! 

We filled one basket full of hay and a bit of sweet feed, and the goats were all over that!  The eggs were empty of any candy, so the goats would not get any. 

My youngest daughter helped Daisy get untangled from her basket.  Daisy really enjoys my daughter's company and followers her everywhere.

We are really enjoying our new kids!  Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Our Baby Goats!

We are so excited to get our new Nigerian Dwarf kids.  They are being held for us while we finish up our goat fencing and goat barn.  Curtis is hard at work getting it completed!  Each day that passes, I'm getting more and more anxious for us to bring our new babies home!

This is baby "Gossip."  She is still on the bottle and we will bring her home shortly.

Meet Daisy!  She is now 6 months old, but here are a few of her baby pictures.  Having both brown/white and black/white does should give us a fun variety of babies in the future!  We are excited to welcome both Daisy and Gossip to our family.

Starting a little garden...

My garden is going to be interesting this year.  Maybe not good, and maybe not bad.  To help prevent critter theft, my husband put up a small wire fence that should keep out most bunnies and turtles, but it won't keep our squirrels and birds away.  Right now we have 3 garden boxes and one garden "Hill."  I hope to plant strawberries on the hill and then squash, pumpkin or melon later in the season.

We planted our beets, spinach and peas a bit late, but they have sprouted and hopefully will thrive and produce before the summer heat hits.  My 6 year old and 4 year old girls were big helpers and my one year old had fun stirring up the already planted seeds in one bed after we had moved on to the next.  So I don't know what will grow where, but hey- we are having fun!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Building Our Coop in Oklahoma

We sold all the coops along with our home and property in Texas.  It made moving here easier in some ways, and harder in others.  One of the first things we needed to do when we arrived was to build a coop for the flock we brought with us.

Unfortunately, our entire older flock was left behind.  The new owners of our Texas property desired to keep the mature flocks, so we hatched out young birds to bring with us.
  We lived in temporary housing for a few months and some kind friends looked after our chicks until we found and purchased a home.
By the time we were reunited with our birds, they were pretty much grown.  In fact the pullets started laying eggs just 2 weeks after arriving.
Welcome to our New Home Chickie!

Back in the Saddle Again

We've Moved to Oklahoma! 

Taking it easy on a trail-ride.
Our chickens are with us, well some of them anyway, and we have goats bought and waiting for us to bring home.  Moving is never easy, but it does open new doors and brings new friendships and opportunities.  Our new land has more trees and is better suited for more animals than our previous location.  It may take me a season to get my garden up and going again, but time is on our side right now. 
The stables are not far from our home, so even though we do not own horses, my girls can still enjoy them.