Our Current Flock
Our Crested Cream Legbars are show worthy and original.  We obtained our first birds nearly 8 years ago and were some of the first people in the USA to own this unique breed.
Posts about our Cream Legbars
We also have Columbian Rocks.  Being new to this breed, our Columbian Rocks are good pets for the time being, very friendly and great to look at!
Other birds we have but we do not breed include:  Black Copper Marans, Blue Bredas, Blue Bonnets (Legbars mixed with Bredas), and a few Olive Eggers.
Posts about our Columbian Rocks and other Breeds

Meet Our Past flocks!
Previous POSTS from 2014 and Earlier:

  Some of our most loved birds come from a mixed flock that we first started with.  Since then we have added some heritage (and what I like to call top pedigree) breeds.

We were raising and trying to improve breed standards on the following 3 breeds:

Cream Legbar

Yet if you really study the photos you can get glimpse of our "Pets"  mixed into different flocks.  Some of our pets include Blue Breda, Rhode Island Red, Wyandot, Leghorns, and Silky mixes.

Many of our favorite and first chickens (my husband calls them our foundation birds) have names and distinctly known personalities. Let me introduce you to a few of them:

                                                                     Legbar Chick Link

 Cream Legbars
A beautiful breed that lays a blue tinted egg- these birds ideally have a small to medium crest and a cream colored hackle and saddle.  Their's distinguishing feature is their auto sexing chicks- bred to be identified at birth as male or female by the male's head dot and the female's chick-munk stripes.  

Blaze- A really beautiful rooster, Blaze is our main breeding Cream Legbar and our most up-to-standard bird.  Read more here....
Lilly- Lilly is seen the picture above right in front of Blaze.  Lilly is one of our original Cream Legbar hens.  She was one of the first chicks available from Green Fire Farms. 


Black Copper Marans-This Breed is a barnyard beauty and famous for laying dark brown eggs.  Giddian is the rooster of our current flock and is a proud fellow.  View his page below. 
Giddian- The rooster of our Black Copper Marans flock. 

Jasmine- She is the oldest bird on our property and a full blood Cottage Hill Black Copper Marans.  She goes broody frequently and we recently let her hatch some of her eggs and some Basque eggs.  I love watching her chicks run around the yard with their momma!  Click here to see her posts...

This was our first Basque flock: Rooster- Doc with his hens-
Reeses, Poppy Seed, Gloria and Bell.  Only Reeses is currently with us.
All the others were sadly victims of a terrible Raccoon Raid in May 2014.
Basque Hens-
  These birds are an extremely friendly breed that enjoys our attention and company.  They are the ideal "Pet" chicken.

Below are their names and links to their pages (I will post them as I get them done):

Rooster: Doc  Hens:  Reeses, Poppy Seed, Gloria, Bell

Our Basque Posts:

Breda- one of our Pet Chickens- these guys are uniquely pretty with feathers running all the way down their legs.  They come in blue, white and black colors.  The males do not have combs and have a very high crow.  The females lay a medium white egg.


    Blue Breda Introduction

    Breda and Silky

    Xinnie- A Breda Silky Mix!

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