Sunday, March 11, 2018

Novemeber 2017 Ivori's Second Day and she meets the girls!

Sunday afternoon I let all my daughters go meet Ivori.   I told them to go into the pen and play with the other goats, and not approach Ivori, but let her approach them.  The plan worked very well.  Ivori was very curious about what these little people were.  She came from a farm of many Saanens and Alpines run by an older couple.  I doubt she has ever seen children before. 

At first she just watched them from across the pen.  Here my youngest is playing in the water pretending she doesn't want to pet the new, big goat. 

Then curiosity got the better of Ivori and she approached.

 Successful introduction!  Ivori is proving to be a sweet girl. 

However she is not a big hit with our goat Daisy.  Daisy acted quite upset that this new stranger was getting in on her attention from the girls.  Daisy is usually the friendliest and the favorite of our herd, and she nudged my daughter from behind to remind her of that. 

Next Ivori decided to go meet my second daughter, who was playing with the kids. 

 Ivori looks so happy as my daughter pets her for the first time.  However, Daisy is once again photo-bombing and pouting to my oldest daughter about the newcomer.

I just LOVE this photo!

 Ivori then gave her a greeting back.   (And look how angry Daisy looks!  ha ha, poor girl!)

Here all three girls are giving Ivori a bit of grain, to seal the deal that little girls and the best!

And Kayla gave some to Daisy too.  Yes Daisy, we still love you!

A little while later, Ivori is asserting herself with all the goats.  Daisy doesn't want to be pushed around so she tries to challenge her, but has to back down and looks very upset by it.

November 2017 Meet Ivori! Our New Alpine-Saanen Nanny

I found Ivori online and went and picked her up in Missouri.  She is an Alpine Saanen mix and I have great expectations for her and plan on milking her in the spring.  She is 3 years old and already bred to a Saanen buck.  She is the first goat on my property that is not a Nigerian Dwarf.  This last year my Nigerians did not produce the volume of milk I desired so I hope she will increase our supply.

She was kind of shy the evening we brought her home so I only let my oldest daughter in with her.  Maybe tomorrow we will introduce the rest of the girls.

How do you like those waddles?

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Big Birds

This Goose use to be a cute little gosling.  Remember when......
 But she grew up and now will bite and chase anyone who dares enter her yard! Of course you cannot blame her for growing up to be a goose.  All the children know to stay on their side of the fence now.

The Turkeys also grew up, but even though they are big, they are still pretty sweet. 

Curtis weighed the Toms at 43lbs last week!  How did that little poult grow so big in just a few months??

Why my Goats enjoy the day after Halloween!

Is this Food or a new Toy?
The kids didn't know what to think about it. 

Ebony wasn't that impressed with the pumpkin.  She showed me that she rather just eat Hay.

Daisy was the first to really start eating it.  Once she started, the other goats- and particularly Ebony- feared they might be missing out on sometime and tried to steal it from her. 

Blossom is smelling the Kid's piece of pumpkin through the fence, just to make sure it is not any better than the one on her side.

Tippy found the pumpkin stem to be a wonderful scratching post.  She kept rubbing her neck on it.

When Avonly, our little black kid came up to investigate, Tippy warned her away with mean body language.  Go get your own pumpkin stem Avonly!

Not as good as the Milk Bucket, but not too bad either!

The kids all decided they liked Hay better than pumpkin too.

Gossip sneaking a taste of the kid's pumpkin through the fence.  If you kids don't want it- she will gladly give it a try!

Cats like Goat's Milk too! October 2017

I think these photos speak for themselves.  Tippy now follows me to the barn every time she sees me with the milk bucket, hoping I will put it down for a minute. 

Poppy is our oldest kid.  We tried to sell her, but black goats are not popular so she is still here.  She is not the friendliest kid, but does enjoy attention on her own terms.  Kind of like a cat.  She needs a cat person to take her home.

More kids.  They are all weaned and come running every time they see me.

Growing Turkeys and my Geese get a Pool! October 2017

My Turkeys continue to grow and are such even tempered birds.  They follow us around and the big Toms strut for their ladies.  I didn't know about the temperament of turkeys before buying them.  They've turned out to be very mellow- especially compared to our geese.


A Swimming Pool for my Geese!

I bought a pool for my children and gave it to the geese when the temperature turned cooler.  My geese think it is the best thing ever.  They splashed and dived and honked with pleasure.  The water stayed clean and clear for nearly 10 seconds after they jumped in!  Still, it was fun to watch them enjoy it.

This Turkey Hen tried to get a drink of water while the female goose was standing close by and got some feathers ripped out.  The goose was pretty protective of her new pond.

Fair Success! September 2017

The fair was so fun!  Our animals all did very well, and we brought home so many ribbons and  trophies.  My girls did great showing their goats for the first time and were happy that all their hard work paid off. We showed goats, chickens, geese, turkeys and rabbits.