Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Baby Alaska on a Road Trip! With Chickens and Rabbits.

My sister had her first, adorable, baby girl that I just had to go see.  Easy decision.  However, the tricky part about this decision was that she lives in Wyoming, a good 17 hours away, and I have a bottle baby goat to worry about named Alaska Star.

We thought about my husband taking the little guy to work with him but we quickly dismissed the idea.  Can you imagine a little goat bleating in his in office all day and work associates asking about why he brought a little lamb to work.

 Then I thought about getting him a goat sitter but we dismissed that idea when family in Wyoming expressed a strong desire to love on a baby goat.  So because we wanted to show him off, Alaska Star got to go on the road with us!  We also dropped off some chickens to some cousins and picked up some rabbits to bring home from my sister.

Photo Archive of our Trip: 

Feeding Alaska in the van while it is raining outside.
Alaska is at the bottom of rock.  This was at a rest stop in Wyoming.

The chicks had to ride in a carrier in the back.  They are all cramming the front of the carrier here.  They actually had more room then it appears.

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